Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Neural Prediction Challenge

The gauntlet has been thrown. Accept the Neural Prediction Challenge if you dare!

The challenge is really quite simple: We will give you some (visual and/or auditory) stimuli and corresponding neural responses, and you must try to predict responses to other stimuli. Each data set will be divided in to two subsets: a fit set (90% of the data) that includes both the stimuli and the corresponding neuronal responses; and a validation set (10% of the data) that includes only stimuli (no responses). Your job is to use the fit set to fit your model and then to generate predicted responses based on the stimuli provided in the validation set. Once you have the predictions you should return them to us. We will compare your predicted responses to the responses actually observed in the validation set.

Kudos to Jack Gallant and other people responsible for coming up with this idea, collecting and sharing data, and putting together the site.

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