Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Neural Prediction Challenge!

In a previous post, I noted that Jack Gallant had issued a Neural Prediction Challenge. Now, we have another challenge, this time from the Gerstner lab:

Here is our Challenge, open to everybody in in neural modeling, machine learning, or similar fields:

- Is it possible to predict the timing
of every spike that a neuron emits with 2 ms precision?
- Is it possible to predict the subthreshold membrane potential
with a precision of 2 mV for arbitrary input?

Annotated training data and test stimuli from several
cells under different stimulation conditions are available

Important dates
* Data set available by March 16.
* Participants must submit their prediction by June 1st.
* Winner announced around June 10 .
* Winning results will be presented at the workshop June 25/26
Quantitative Neuron Modeling: Predicting every spike?

Competition and Prizes
The competition is organized in several categories, called A,B,C,D.
Participants may run in one or several categories

* 1st prize :

o 4 nights of hotel in Lausanne at the Lake of Geneva,
June 23-27.
o Free participation in the Quantitative Neuron Modeling
workshop June 25/26
o 35-minute-slot for talk as an
Invited Speaker at the workshop.

* 2nd prize:

o Free participation in the
Quantitative Neuron Modeling workshop June 25/26
o Poster presentation and poster spotlight in the workshop.

Methods and Models:
The only aspect that counts for us is the quality of the prediction
on the test set. In terms of methods, anything goes
(Machine learning, compartmental model, integrate-and-fire model,
systems identification etc)

For details

We hope that many people will take up the challenge.
Let the best model win!

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